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Professional Cabin Crew Interview Coaching


We help you get your dream job at one of the World's best Airlines, Emirates, through complete interview preparation and confidence coaching.

  • We teach and practice with you various interview types, including:  
    • group
    • situational
    • case
    • stress 
    • final and
many other interview situations. 

The problem is not that you can't answer the interview questions correctly, but your mind goes BLANK due to stress.

If the same questions were asked in everyday conversations, it would be fine, but in an interview situation, you can't even utter a single word. Of course, you could answer all the questions properly after leaving the interview room, but it's too late.

Yes, we teach you how to handle this situation. 

The training also includes CONFIDENCE COACHING. Being confident is the number one priority for a flight attendant. Why don't you show your confidence already at the interview? Sign up for a course, and we'll help you. 


Important! Before you sign up, we need to talk to you. Unfortunately, we cannot accept everybody. 

If we see that you are not motivated or do not meet the requirements of the airline, we have to say no to you. 


Check below if you meet the requirements of the airline: 


Which one applies to you? Look below.


This is the VERY FIRST TIME you are attending the EMIRATES interview and YOU ARE DESPARATE TO SUCCEED.

You have tried the Emirates interview once and passed some stages, but NEVER GOT TO THE FINAL INTERVIEW.


You've attended the Emirates interviews several times before. You've really tried your best, but YOU HAVE NEVER SUCCEDED. 



This means that you spend the whole training period with the coaches. 

Individual Emirates cabin crew interview coaching is a service that provides personalized coaching and guidance to individuals who are preparing for an interview with Emirates airline as cabin crew.

 This coaching is designed to help candidates understand the interview process, improve their interview skills, and increase their chances of success in securing a cabin crew position with Emirates.

  • During the coaching sessions, candidates will receive one-on-one guidance from an experienced coach who is familiar with the Emirates cabin crew interview process. 
  • The coach will provide feedback on the candidate's interview performance, help them identify areas for improvement, and provide tips and strategies for answering interview questions effectively.

The coaching sessions may cover a range of topics, including:

  1. Interview preparation: The coach will help candidates understand the requirements and expectations of the Emirates cabin crew interview. They will provide guidance on how to research the company, understand the cabin crew role, and prepare for specific interview questions.
  2. Interview skills: The coach will work with candidates to improve their interview skills, including body language, communication skills, and presentation skills. They will provide feedback on the candidate's performance and help them develop strategies for showcasing their strengths and qualifications during the interview.
  3. Mock interviews: Candidates may participate in mock interviews with the coach, where they will have the opportunity to practice their interview skills and receive feedback on their performance. This will help candidates become more comfortable and confident in their ability to handle the interview process.
  4. Question and answer sessions: The coach will provide guidance on how to answer common interview questions and address any specific concerns or questions that candidates may have about the Emirates cabin crew interview.




  • English language preparation is an additional component offered as part of the general Emirates Cabin Crew Interview Coaching program. 
  • This preparation focuses specifically on improving English language skills required for the Emirates cabin crew interview . 
  •  This extra preparation ensures that candidates are well-equipped to excel in the English language requirements of the Emirates Cabin Crew interview process.



  • This preparation focuses specifically on improving English language skills required for the Emirates cabin crew interview . 
  •  This preparation ensures that candidates are well-equipped to excel in the English language requirements of the Emirates Cabin Crew interview process.

If you are interested in any of these trainings, please, fill in the form, by adding the requested information, indicating which training you are particularly interested in, ie. Individual, Individual + English Test Prep, Workshop , and we will contact you shortly. 



Is it a problem for you to write a standout CV that talks for you?

A CV that passes through easily the ATS software and Emirates recruiters will like it and find it so irresistible that just by looking at it, they are convinced that -

YOU ARE THE ONE who must join as a flight attendant to their glamorous team.

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We help you succeed through

  • Face to face coaching (online) 
  • Additional interview advice (bits and pieces that no one else talks about)
  • Confidence coaching 

Meet your Coaches

(Our knowledge, experience  and skills of the interview process with Emirates Airlines and confidence coaching make us your best choice if you want to be a flight attendant. )

Andrea Somorjai

I am a flight attendant interview coach and interview communication expert for Emirates Airlines. 

I have been a flight attendant myself with Emirates Airlines for over eight years, my strong point is company knowledge.

I used to be part of the business promotion team as well, which required me to pass an additional, so called 'internal' interview menawhile I already had been working for Emirates. 

Therefore, I have experience in taking part in job interviwes with the airline, I know a lot about the company culture and their expectations towards the cabin crew. 

I will share my experience with you and give advice on how to behave, what to wear, what to do exactly to pass a job interview and what to expect after being accepted. Why am I sure that I can help you? Because I have helped many people who successfully passed the flight attendant interview. 


In addition, I am a Business Management/Human Resources graduate from the University of Essex, which means that I am an expert and know what kind of candidates the recruiters are looking for.


Watch this video below of the Emirates’ Business Promotion Team in te US Open in New York. Do you recognise me? 


Andrea Orosz Dr.

I'm a flight attendant interview and confidence coach, communication and body language expert for candidates who want to work for Emirates Airlines. 
Initially, I was an English tutor and Applied Linguist. I have worked in many universities in several countries, including Hungary, the UK and Vietnam. At the University of Southampton, UK, I prepare international business students for business presentation and discussion skills. These skills are closely related to the Emirates' job Open Day interview skills.
I also worked as an Academic Manager, where I was responsible for teacher recruitment at our school. I learnt about the recruitment and interview processes at that time.
Later, more and more people found me and asked for my advice from different areas of businesses to help them get through their job interviews. I didn't only help them but also learnt even more during these interview preparations. I am very proud that 99% of my clients have passed the their interviews and got the job they wanted to. 
Then around ten years ago, some of my family members decided to apply to work as flight attendants for Emirates Airlines and asked me to prepare them for the interview, and YES, they were successful!!! 

Their success motivated me even more, and I did even more research. I decided to specialise myself and help candidates who want to be flight attendants with Emirates Airlines. 

I realised they need more than just knowing how to answer the interview questions. Unfortunately, most candidates need a few more things when attending a job interview with Emirates Airlines, such as SELF-CONFIDENCE. To provide 100% support, I completed a Life Coach training where I specialised in Confidence Coaching. 
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“The course helped me enormously to get an excellent job at the World's leading Airline Company in the Middle East. Out of 39 candidates, I was the only one who was selected in our region. Unbelievable! I can't tell you about my feelings.  I can't thank her enough. Without having good English and presentation skills that I needed to prove at the interview, I could have never got this dream job. With their help, I had the best six years of my life.”

Alessandro Fersini
Palermo, Italy

"I decided to ask for help after my first unsuccessful interview. I felt really ashamed of 'failing'. Of course, I tried to do my best, and honestly, I didn't know what went wrong as I could answer all the questions. I was disappointed that I dropped out. I didn't even want to apply again, but then a friend recommended the two Andreas for help. I had no idea what else they could tell me as I thought I knew almost everything but learnt a LOT during the course. I also learnt why I dropped out after the team interview. I would never make the same mistake again. I couldn't be happier when I got a phone call from Emirates about my successful interview and the emails about the next steps to prepare to relocate to Dubai. It's already my third year here. I am not hesitant to recommend the two Andreas as your job interview coach if you want to become a flight attendant."

Sophia Corbin

Dubai, UAE


"I can only recommend this course.

I had one week left til my first open day.  We had very intensive study sessions on a daily basis going through the whole process one by one. It was well-structured, clear, and easily understandable.

They provided all the necessary materials and tips!

I got selected on the exact same day.. 2 hours after my interview. Needless to say I was shocked.

Thank you both!

Anna Schwoy

Budapest, Hungary

"Just want to say that what you and Andi are doing means a lot for those trying to become an Emirates cabin crew. Most people don’t understand or realise how hard it’s and what it means for some of us who are trying. Thank you again!! 

I wish you both all the success. 🙏"

João Paulo

São Carlos Do Pinhal, Brazil




" These sessions will be useful not only for this job, but also for life, 

because I've learnt a lot, in such a short period of time. 

Thank you so much"


Vase Spasovski 

Skopje, Macedonia


Would you like to see your name among the successful candidates for Emirates Airline? 

Reach out to us. We'll show you how to do that. 

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